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We deliver exceptional value to companies by extracting intelligence from their traditional business operations and providing them with unique and actionable insights to their business. At Montage Connect we leverage our next-generation IoT ecosystem to help enhance business processes using our remote sensors, cellular gateways, smart security and secure analytics cloud software.

While we specialize in “smart assets in motion”, a center of excellence in our IoT solutions offering, our solutions deliver value to a wide range of business verticals and operational solution disciplines. The Montage team are a highly regarded and globally established group of IoT Solution experts and Leaders, having deployed tens of millions of Smart Mobile Assets Globally over the past 10 years.

10B active IoT devices in 2021
3.5B Cellular IoT Connections​ in 2023
$1.6T Global IoT Market in 2025

Remotely Monitor, Control and Optimize Economics With Montage Connect Intelligence

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The Ecosystem

Montage Connect provides an entire IoT “ecosystem, including devices, cloud software, cellular Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), integration services and more.

Wireless Sensor
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Our Solutions

Our Products

IoT Devices, built from the ground up

Remove your barriers to digital transformation with the Montage Connect IoT Platform purpose-built to address your business challenges. Our IoT products span an extensive ecosystem of devices that are easy deploy while being extensible and adaptable.

The Montage Advantage

Our Intelligent Connectivity Services Ecosystem is the first vertically integrated Commercial IoT Technology Infrastructure and Architecture in the world to successfully consolidate wireless sensor device solutions with cloud based, end-to-end IoT analytics services and cellular data connectivity. All of this technology is delivered at a price-point that was previously unavailable in the marketplace.


We take the cost of hardware out of the equation by manufacturing our own wireless sensor devices with no margin stacking


We supply low-cost cellular network connectivity to businesses


We supply state-of-the-art devices, cloud and application-based analytics, device management, and customer presentation solutions


We provide administration infrastructure, governance, and strategic leadership to companies, minimizing the risk of starting new businesses

Gain insights and improve performance.

Empowering IoT Market Makers

We have a unique methodology for creating, funding and accelerating end-to-end connectivity services for businesses.

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