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IoT is critical to long-term success and for staying one step ahead of the competition. Montage Connect allows companies to manage their fleets, warehouses, assets and more with the help of next-generation connected technologies to create massive value for businesses.

Fleet Management

Montage Systems devices are ideal for integration into fleet management software systems allowing you to react to situations in real-time and improve your operation over time. Whether optimizing routes, managing resources, tracking vehicles, or monitoring driver behavior, the information that you need is available at your convenience. 

Theft Recovery

Valuable mobile assets are a part of our lives and businesses. From vehicles to bicycles to mechanical equipment, the ability to quickly recover your asset is essential. Whether deliberate theft or misplacement of valuable equipment can be damaging and costly. Tracking and recovery of mobile or movable assets require a range of flexible solutions including weather resistance and self-powering. 

Warehouse Management

When it comes to warehouse management, the IoT provides real-time information on assets such as location, status, transit, packing, and routing. It helps companies to dramatically reduce the time, risks, and costs associate with managing storage spaces. The IoT also enables enterprises to take preventative measures in case of emergencies. Optimize your warehouse space and reduce the time needed to locate your stock with the help of intelligent, connected technologies.  

Asset Security

Access to location and other information about your asset, whenever you need it. It allows increase in operational efficiency, revenues and security. It also improves asset utilization. Track your asset’s location and receive alerts when your asset is removed from a location or has been tampered with. 

Marine Assets

Whether cars, recreation vehicles, or boats, know how many assets are in your or your dealer’s inventory and make smarter decisions daily with key operational metrics domestic or worldwide. 


Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices have made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy, and empowering physicians to deliver superlative care. Remote monitoring of patient’s health helps in reducing the length of hospital stay and prevents re-admissions. IoT also has a major impact on reducing healthcare costs significantly and improving treatment outcomes.


The real value of Industrial IoT comes from data. With the advancements in Big Data processing and analysis, the insights derived from the IoT data sets will become invaluable for the industrial decision makers.

Energy Management

Monitoring energy usage across your whole organization is a daunting task and often ends up in silos of data. In today’s connected world, the energy future will be inexorably linked to Internet of Things (IoT). The need of the hour is an intelligent Energy Management System (EnMS) that can contribute towards cutting the costs, improving efficiency, and meeting your energy demands.


Buildings IOT delivers smart buildings that live up to these promises. Smart buildings don’t just come from one decision made at the beginning of a project – they’re made continuously over time by teams from construction to operations. Smart buildings come alive through thoughtful designs and meaningful integrations and they’re backed by data that is reliable, informative and useful.

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